Saturday, July 28, 2012

Manual system VS computerized systems

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In many situations manual systems are inferior to computerized systems. Some disadvantages of manual systems are outlined in the following table.


Productivity is usually lower, particularly in routine or operational situations such as transaction processing

Processing is slower where large volumes of data need to be dealt with.
Slower processing means that some information that could be provided  if computerized systems were used, will not be provided at all, because there is not time

Risk of errors
The risk of errors is greater, especially in repetitive work like payroll calculation.

Less accessible
Information is generally less accessible. Access to information is often restricted to one user at a time, paper files can easily be mislead or buried in in-trays, in which case the information they contain is not available t all  

It is difficult to make corrections. If a manual documents contains errors or need updating it is often necessary to recreate the whole documents from scratch, rather than just a new version with the relevant details changed.

Quality of output
Quality of output is less consistent and often not well-designed. At worst, hand written records may be illegible and so completely useless. Poorly presented information may fail to communicate key points.

Paper based systems are generally very bulky both to handle and to store, and office space is expensive.


It gives some difference between Manual system VS computerized systems.In addition good computerized accounting system can cost thousands and even hardware cost india

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