Monday, July 23, 2012

The Qualities of Good information

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Good information is information that adds to the understanding of a situation. the qualities of better information are outlined in the following table.

Accurate           : Figures should add up, the degree of rounding should be appropriate. there should be no typos,    items should be allocated to the correct category, assumptions should be stated for uncertain information 

Complete          : Information should include every thing that is need to include, for example external data  if relevant, or comparative information

Cost Beneficial  : It should not cost more to obtain the information then the benefit derived from having it.

User targeted  : The need of the user should be borne in mind, for instance senior managers need summaries, junior ones need detail.

Relevent            : Information that is not needed for decision should be omitted, no matter how 'interesting may be.

Outhoritative     : The source of the information should be reliable.

Timely                : The information should be available when it is needed.

Easy to use       : The information should be clearly presented, not excessively long, and sent using the right medium and communication channel


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