Friday, July 27, 2012

Vision and Reality

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A company that has vision of its own future, and some idea of how information technology can be used to turn that vision in to reality, may be able to use new technologies for strategic advantage.

One approach to create a vision is to adopt a familiar three step approach involving answering three questions about the organization.
                1 where are we in ?
                2 Where do we want to be ?
                3 How we will get there ?

The first question can be answered using standard techniques such as a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) Analysis. This approach ensures that both internal and external factors are considered. We cover SWOT analysis in the context of information system development.

Answering the sickened question requires vision. This does not have to be a contribution in the organizations current direction. It must be challenging, attainable and communicated to those who will implement it.

Once this has been done, the strategy (Answer to the 3rd question) can be defined.

A second approach takes the view that insiders are too tied to the way we do things now. And recommends the involvement of outsiders. An authority may be able to more readily anticipate dramatic shifts which might occur in the future. Additionally, an outsider does not have the insider’s investment in maintaining the status quo.


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